How to Apply

We expect first contact will be made through law firms via the following process:

  • Law firm completes an initial short application form (key details about the case, expected public benefit impact and financial needs)
  • Law for Change Fund will evaluate the inital application
  • Detailed proposal requested by Law for Change Fund and passed to its expert legal panel for review
  • If successful, funding is provided via bank transfer in one or more instalments as appropriate directly to law firm from the Law for Change Fund.

It is intended that law firms, working in some instances with professional advisors, law centres and other legal experts, will bring cases to the Law for Change Fund. For each case brought (and firms may wish to bring more than one case), the relevant law firm will be asked to complete an initial short form answering questions about the nature and purpose of the action, timescale, legal and other costs, the level of support they are seeking and their level of confidence regarding the likely outcome. They will also explain what other funding routes they have explored, and how backing from the Law for Change Fund might help to encourage other funding.

Following an initial review, and if it wishes to take a case forward, The Law for Change Fund will request more detailed papers and an explainer of the legal issues to be prepared for consideration by our expert legal panel. The Fund will assign each application to a review panel of three experts and will want a majority (ideally unanimity) in favour of proceeding.

The Law for Change Fund founders will be responsible for determining which cases to support and at what level. The Fund will aim to give an initial response to any funding request within 2-3 weeks.